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Design as a Catalyst for Change

Design shapes our daily lives, influencing how we interact with each other and with our environment. When at its best, design is a powerful catalyst for change. DRS2018 Limerick invites design researchers to explore these relationships across an exciting four-day conference from 25th to 28th June 2018.

We seek workshops to act as a powerful catalyst for change relating to the intersections of design research, practice and policy. As with DRS2014 and DRS2016 these workshop sessions have been conceived as alternatives to the traditional paper/ presentation format to provide innovative venues for project-based research and work that is not easily captured or conveyed by the scholarly paper.

In DRS2018: Catalyst we will critically engage with our key research questions:

  • How can design research help explore the changing territorial contexts of design practice and/or policy?
  • How can design, as a catalyst, shape the relationship between research and practice?
  • How can design, and social, economic and political change, shape each other?

Workshops sessions aim to advance existing and emerging areas of design research as a complement to the formats of the main conference program. They allow workshop organisers more freedom, space and time to stage structured discussions and collaborative processes, and to use more unconventional and experimental session formats.

We invite Workshops aligned with the conference theme and aim to bring together design researchers and design practitioners from academia, the public sector, and business.

Workshop proposals that integrate design research activity with the world outside academia are thus especially welcomed, though other types of workshop proposals are also welcomed.  The conference organising committee is open to workshops that engage with communities or partners external to the conference.

To prepare your Workshop Proposal for DRS2018 please download the Workshop Template.

Workshop proposals should be submitted to the conference submission system and will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the DRS2018 organisers led by the Workshop Chair. To submit a workshop proposal, please visit the conference conftool system:

Submission Requirements

Workshop proposals should be submitted to the conference submission system, ConfTool. Proposals will be reviewed by the Workshop sub-committee of the DRS2018 Programme Committee. We expect that a Workshop will be hosted by 3-5 organizers who present or elicit work and facilitate an open exchange.

Workshop proposals should include:

  1. A list of 3-5 confirmed workshop organizers, their job titles and their roles for this session;
  2. A title and context/background (3 pages max.) of the proposed workshop;
  3. Planned activities and expected outcomes;
  4. Intended audience and number desired;
  5. Length and justification for workshop
  6. A description of the type of space and equipment required;
  7. Potential outputs and impact on DRS2018

To prepare your Workshop Proposal to DRS2018 please Download the Workshop Template. To submit a proposal, please visit the conference conftool system:

Review Criteria

We welcome Workshop proposals focusing on specific topics, objects of design, but also on the meta-perspective of how to do design and design research. We are particularly interested in proposals that bring together diverse perspectives, that are experiential in nature, and that will productively challenge our assumptions of what the topics and forms of design research are or could be.

Reviewers will be using criteria such as; the interweaving of theory and practice, the relevance to the overall conference theme, the wow factor and how well the criteria have been followed. Reviewers will be looking for the  relevance of the topic and format, as well as the feasibility for an open and engaging Workshop session. Reviewers will also be looking at the originality of the topic and format, as well as the feasibility for a successful outcome.

Review Process

Unlike the traditional papers at a DRS2018 conference, the workshop proposals will not be double-blind peer reviewed. Instead, a subcommittee of the DRS2018 organising committee will review the workshop proposals to ensure that they meet the review criteria outlined above.

Key Dates For Workshop Proposals

Submission opens: 5th September 2017
Submission Deadline: 15th February 2018
Notification of acceptance: 20th March 2018

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